Automatic Trim Tab System


Smart Tabs from Nauticus, Inc.

Whybuy a manually adjusting trim tab set when you can get the automatictrim tabs that will self adjust and perform better for less money?

Ourbreakthrough technology in trim tabs is completely automatic requiringno operator adjustment while underway. Nauticus trim tabs self adjustaccording to how you load and maneuver your boat.

The nitrogenGas Actuator provides LIFT at the stern of the boat by holding the trimplate down during acceleration. The amount of LIFT is determined by theactuator load rating and the trim plate adjustment, which is done at thetime of installation.
  • Reduce the minimum planning speed by up to 33%
  • Faster Acceleration
  • Increase top speed
  • Provide a level, more comfortable ride at lower speeds
  • Improve fuel economy, handling and safety

Nauticus trim tabs are completely automatic requiring no operator adjustment while underway.
Thenitrogen Gas Actuator provides LIFT at the stern of the boat by holdingthe trim plate down during acceleration. The amount of LIFT isdetermined by the actuator load rating and the trim plate adjustment,which is done at the time of installation.
(see installation instruction).

Nauticustrim tabs start in a downward angel to maximize lift at slow speeds. Asthe boat accelerates, the water pushes up on the trim plates providinglift to the stern which minimizes bow rise, and allows the boat to planequickly.
Once the water pressure exceeds the actuator load rating(maximum lift) the trim plates move up to a horizontal positioneliminating any drag.

Even whencruising SMART TABS continue to work like shock absorbers. The constantadjustment to sea conditions allow SMART TABS to provide remarkablestability in turns, while crossing waves, while cruising, and whilerunning at maximum speeds. No more sliding, porpoising, or chinewalking.

The unique system is the onlyone of its kind in the industry. The internal valve system is truly"smart" in its design of controlling you boats performance.

It will reduce the minimum planning speed by 33%
Provide a level, more comfortable ride at lower speeds
Improve economy, handling and safety

Asthe boat speed increases, the water pressure also increases. Once thewater pressure exceeds the Actuator load rating (maximum LIFT period)the trim plates begin to move upward until they are horizontal with thebottom of the boat.

The internal valve system dampens the trimplate movement which eliminates any instant reaction to minor waterpressure variances. Nauticus trim tabs provide smooth and undetectablereaction to boat speed creating a level, more comfortable ride at lowerspeeds.

With an electric drill,small drill bit, a phillips screwdriver, and two wrenches, just aboutanyone can install SMART TABS in less than an hour. Professionalinstallers should be able to install SMART TABS in 30 minutes or less.

All mounting hardware, instructions, and templates are included.


Part # Boat Length Horsepower

  • SX9510-30 12'-15' 20 HP TO 35 HP
  • SX9510-40 14'-17' 40 HP TO 80 HP
  • SX9510-60 15'-19' 60 HP TO 140 HP
  • SX9510-80 16'-20' 140 HP TO 225 HP

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