Bravo Wonder Pump 6
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  • The Bravo Wonder Pump 6 is a great top off pump that can easily solo for IK's or smaller inflatable's.

  • Compact pump allows you to connect to even the hard-to-reach valves on any raft or IK.

  • 5' non-kink hose and 7 adaptors are included with the pump.

  • The Bravo Wonder Pump 6 is a double action pump; working to inflate on both the upward and downward motions of the handle.

  • The white plug in the cap allows you to use this pump in single action mode, making it a bit easier.

  • The white screw in the top enables you to attach an aftermarket pressure gauge. (Gauge not available from NRS)

  • 4" diameter x 18.5" high to the top of the handle with an 4.5" x 8" base.

  • The Wonder 6 has a stroke volume of about 1.6 Gal/6 L per stroke.
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