Zodiac Pro 500 / Bayrunner w/50 HP Yamaha -"SOLD"


New 2011 boat, Grey Hypalon w/50 HP Yamaha. Includes Turboswing. Won't last long at this price.
Zodiac Pro 500 / Bayrunner

Year 2011
Engine 50hp Yamaha

Overall Length: 15’5”/4.7m
Inside Length: 11’1”/3.38m
Overall Width: 6’9”/2.05m
Inside Width: 3’5”/1.05m
Buoyancy Tube Diameter: 1’8”/0.5m
Passengers: 9
Maximum Payload: 2336.9 lbs/1060 kg
Total Weight: 507.1 lbs/230 kg
Air Tight Compartments: 5
Shaft: Long
Minimum Recommended Power (hp): 40
Maximum Recommended Power (hp): 50
Maximum Power Allowed (hp): 70
Maximum Speed (km): 66
Maximum Speed (mph): 41
Hull Length: 12’6”/3.82m
Hull Width: 4’6”/1.38m
Hull Height: 3’2”/0.97m
Hull Angle: 22°


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